Choose Views creates trust through transparency in leadership.


What is Choose Views?

Choose Views is a micro-polling platform designed to engender trust within and towards organizations by creating transparency in leadership. By having stakeholders be involved in the decisions that affect them, stakeholders begin to trust and rally behind their leaders as a consensus forms. Because everyone gets to see the consensus as it forms, individual stakeholders become aware of how their views are aligned with and differ from those of the consensus. This transparency results in less divisiveness in your organization. Plus, if a stakeholder was invited to share their views using Choose Views and declined, they’re no longer in a position to object to a leader's proposal, especially one that was otherwise approved by consensus.


How Much Does It Cost?

Choose Views is incredibly cost-effective! Creating a proposal incurs a $10 setup fee plus a $10 fee for every block of up to 1000 expressed views. No matter how many proposals you create, the amount of time and money your organization will save by quickly determining stakeholder consensus and thereby avoiding needless distractions from your organization’s mission far exceeds the cost! Should you require customizations for your organization, such as branding or dynamic address lists, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to meet your needs.

How Do I Use It?

Click on the link. If you haven’t signed in before, a free account will be created for you automatically and you will be asked to indicate your ZIP code. Proposals are specific to matching email addresses and ZIP codes. So, if there are any proposals that apply to your email address and/or ZIP code, you’ll see those proposals as soon as you sign in. Either way, you can create your own proposals and provide a list of email addresses and/or ZIP codes to indicate whose views you are requesting. People on the address list will then receive an email notifying them of your proposal and requesting their views. By clicking on a proposal, people can view details of the proposal and visually express their views in a way that everyone can easily see and understand. Plus, everyone gets to see the consensus view as it forms and people can go back to adjust their views as long as the proposal remains active.